Thursday, 4 September 2014

Non Stanford: Optimist and Expert Cha - Cha'er

This recently caught my eye and drew a smile. A knowing smile. 

These words rang true for me and almost immediately drew a line under the past 6months. I feel like I’ve Cha-Cha’d my way from March to September, and not to my own tune. In fact, in time to one of those really annoying radio jingles that gets stuck in your head and repeats on an endless loop. 

It’s been pretty frustrating Cha – Cha’ing in one spot, BOGOF jingle in tow (because one injury apparently entitles you to another one, completely free of charge), while everyone else has been gracefully fox trotting into the distance. Each time I made a step forward I seemed to be right back where I started. 

So I decided it was probably time for a short interlude. A pause in proceedings so to speak. And like all good half time breakes, mine included ample ice cream, sweet treats and chilled beverages, along with some unorthodox trips to sunnier climates. What can I say my interlude was less 15 minute loo stop, more 3 week holiday. 

Radio jingle firmly forgotten, I returned to the dance floor last week. I was even ready to integrate my well rehearsed Cha-Cha into the more complex Cha-Cha slide. After doing a quick run through of DJ Casper’s expertly choreographed dance in my front room, I was delighted to discover that, if followed correctly, the dance does leave you further forward than your original starting point. Much better than the basic Cha-Cha I’d been perfecting all summer. Albeit there is a lot of toing and froing, side stepping and sliding, but after the biggest jump forward (5 hops to be precise) there’s even some self appreciation time, where Mr Casper encourages you to applaud your journey thus far with the simple yet effective command ‘Everybody clap your hands’. 


Sounds exactly like the tune to which I will dance this coming winter. Realistic that progress will be slow and sometimes turbulent, but optimistic that progress will be made all the same. Hopefully come March next year, a full 12months on from D-Day, I will be ready to dance the quick step, to my choice of tune. Preferably a mix tape of  ‘Run Like Hell’ Pink Floyd, ‘Don’t Stop’, Fleetwood Mac and ‘My Party’ Kings of Leon. Now that’s my idea of a triathlon. 

On that note; probably time to put my best foot forward… 

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